do it again EP

by wait what

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I started working on this EP shortly after Robyn & Röyksopp’s EP came out and then shelved it for two years and focused on other music (and life) stuff for awhile. I was listening to tracks from another project I was working on, and when those ran out, it started playing ‘I Know Every Little Thing,’ and I remembered how much I liked working on this project. I re-did a lot of it in September 2016 and got it to a place that I‘m really happy with.

When I first started wait what, everyone made Jay-Z mixes. When it feels like everyone is doing one thing artistically, I’d much rather work on weird stuff. When the Robyn and Röyksopp EP came out, I thought of ‘Do it Again,’ the Roc La Familia track that I listened to on repeat when it came out in Middle School. I realized I‘d never heard someone sample it, so started thinking if I could do an album with Jay vocals off the beaten path, maybe I could do something interesting.

I really like Robyn -- I saw her at Coachella awhile back andbl I‘ve wanted to mix some of her stuff before, but didn’t want to do ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ or ‘Dancing on My Own’ because those tracks work so well on their own, and I‘m not sure I have anything to add to the canon of remixes that have already been made of each. This EP she made with Röyksopp felt like it has threads of thematic elements that I could really work with and expand by contrasting them to specific Jay tracks.

Thanks to my friends for listening to these songs, to people for coming to shows and letting me keep performing music, and to you, for listening to the record -- I really appreciate it. If you dig it, send it to a friend :)


released October 6, 2016




wait what San Francisco, California

Debut album the notorious xx garnered 1M+ plays in 10 days and critical acclaim from New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, and The Guardian UK, who dubbed it “the best mashup album of the year.”

10s of millions of plays since, topped Hype Machine several times, & shared stages with Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Capital Cities. Played stadiums & clubs in NYC, Vegas, Toronto, and Bangkok.
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Track Name: i know every little thing [jay-z vs robyn & röyksopp]
- "Your husband was a drug dealer! For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine"
- "Drug dealers were monsters. Young men like me who hustled became the sole villain and drug addicts lacked moral fortitude"

[verse 1]
She wants that old thing back
She want those Heroin tracks
She likes me
She fiends for me nightly
She leans for me
Morning, she rush for my touch
This is about lust
Cold sweats occur when I'm not with her
My presence is a must- must- must-
Bonita Applebum, I gotta put you on
If I didn't when we cutting, the feeling would be too strong
In any form, I'm giving you sweet dreams
That Sugar Hill, she call me her sweet thing
That Black Rain that take away your pain
Just for one night, baby, take me in vein
Now that feelin' got you trippin'
You don't want to feel no different
Said lust has got you itchin'
Nose wide open and it's drippin'
I know what you like, I am your prescription
I'm your physician, I'm your addiction

Every little thing I say
Every little thing I do
You should really know by now
Every little thing I say
Every little thing I do
You should really know by now
It's for you

[verse 2]
I am so dope
Like Louboutins with the red bottoms
You gotta have 'em, you glad you got 'em
Like every color Giuseppe's, your guilty pleasure is me
It's so much fun, you shun therapy
Although it never be, the feeling is fleeting
Shopping's like coppin', you constantly need it
I'm never around, you constantly seek it
You'll never be down, I know where your peak is
9 1/2 weeks is better than 12-steps
I keep tryin' to remind you to keep tellin' yourself
Now your conscience is interfering, like "Better yourself!"
Like you better get help
But when that medicine's felt?
We're back together
Don't ever leave me
Don't ever let 'em tell you that you'll never need me
My China White, 'til we D.O.A
Its Montega forever, baby, lets get away

Every little thing I say
Every little thing I do
You should really know by now
Every little thing I say
Every little thing I do
You should really know by now
It's for you

[verse 3]
How could you leave me
I thought that you needed me
When the world got too much and you pleaded with me
Who helped you immediately
How speedy of me
How could you deny me so vehemently
Now your body is shaking, trying to free it of me
And your soul is in control, trying to lead it from me
And your heart no longer pledge allegiance to me
Damn, I'm missing the days when you needed the D!

Why you falter
When you know I'm waiting
When you know I'm waiting here
Why you falter
When you know I'm waiting
When you know I'm waiting here

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